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Many people ask me why I chose to adopt all of my children rather than have my own.

The answer comes in many parts.  #1  I do have my own children.  They are mine emotionally, financially, and legally, and I cannot imagine life without them.  #2  I have known since I was very young that my dream was to adopt children.  I wanted to let them know that someone in this vast world cared about them and loved them. #3  I also felt that there were enough people in the world, I did not need to add to the population.  (I do not have a problem with those who do.)

My husband, James and I have been married over 20 years and have adopted 13 children.  We adopted 7 from the foster care system (including foster to adopt homes), 2 from adoption disruptions, 2 internationally from Africa and 2 privately.  Our oldest child at adoption placement was 16 years old and our youngest child was newborn.  Each child has a unique story.  Marbled in each story is trauma.  From the outside, our children are beautiful, happy and well adjusted, but on the inside, they are sad, confused and riddled with insecurities.  Phoenix Bound is a story of our lives as we added each child and their ‘baggage’ into our home.  First and foremost, as adoptive parents, we need to check our own ‘baggage’ and tidy it up so that we can teach our children to do the same.

PHOENIX BOUND is the inside story – a story no one else dared to tell!




2 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. From what I have read so far; you are a strong admirable woman!
    I am in the process of reading through your material right now thank you for publishing it.


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